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Letter to Vicky Zugah

Hello Vicky Zugah,


Psalm 101:5: Verse Concepts
Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy; No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant heart will I endure.(We are all guilty).
Why keep mute for 4 good years???

I once attended my normal Sunday evening service when the pastor said, we all know the sins we commit yet we come a stand before God and we bind and fire all kinds of enemies, forgetting that we are also enemies to others. In that case when you command heavenly fire to consume your enemies, just know that the same fire will consume yourself. So search within yourself before you cast the fire. Pastor Selasie Addae, I greet you sah…for we all have sinned and need to search ourselves.

Why keep mute for 4 good years???
Many newspaper columns, magazines, and TV and radio talk shows are devoted to the latest gossip about movie stars, politicians, and other public figures. People delight in digging up dirt. And we journalists, it is our part of our work.
Who can say they have never done anything to anyone he/she does not regrets today?

There types of men and types of women….The men who hit anytime, men who hit when highly provoked and men who won’t hit no matter what… in this situation I think all 3 were the extremely abusive type….🤕🤕🤕🤕For women, there are those who enjoy domestic violence, those who won’t tolerate at all and those will forgive first time but certainly not the second time….which of them is you😯
Why keep mute for 4 good years???

But, is it not interesting that all these men you talk about seem to have had their way in abusing you??? why? what did you do to them😐😐😐?

…“Yes! DJ Cash abused me, Leo Mensah abused and Bolt was the worse of all”…..Vicky, I find this really really strange….If men are abusing you physically and you don’t like it and yet you cant stop it then why be with them? What if you died??? Something is not adding up.
And this was my ‘uhuh moment’ ….”I was never disrespectful to any of them, I don’t even argue with them because everybody who know me, knows I am a very quiet person”. The word NEVER!!! Vicky were dating men who were demented???

”…As to why she has decided to speak now, after suffering in silence for the past four years, Vicky stated that close friends and family members have been speaking to her and prevented her from speaking out, so she has endured it all this while but she can’t take it anymore…”

Vicky for 4 good years, 4 years, with 3 men, your family and friends were talking to you about men who were domestically abusing you and not one of them was wise enough to tell you that, you know what, this time report it…..and you waited to experience it in the 4th year before wanting to start a campaign???..SMH…The bible said we should forgive 70 x 7 times so maybe that is what you were doing. If it so why are u giving up now.
Please speak to the media because you do not have a private life anymore but do it in all fairness.

Written by Annie Afua Ampofo


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