Shatta Michy’s pub should be investigated by FDA

Last Thursday, a video was leaked online where The Queen of Shatta Movement – Shatta Michy, was cleaning a glass in her pub(Diamond’s pub). She appears to wipe her lipstick/mouth with the same tissue she was using to clean the drinking glass cups in her bar.

As much as I love Shatta Wale‘s music and movement, that video was just plain disgusting. Many people are saying that she was practicing ‘Black Magic’, others call it dirtiness, some said it was a mistake and that she forgot herself. But whatever it was, she and her bar has violated a lot of health codes.

In saner countries like the US, after the leak of that video, the FDA or whatever body is incharge of Food and beverages should have swung into action, carried out an investigation  and checked for other health violations.

If the FDA has not seen the video, I am drawing their attention to it.

Personally, I might not find myself at the pub anytime soon.

If you talk now, some people will start calling you hater, but it is better to be a safe hater that to be a sick lover/fan.

BTW… Low Tempo by Shatta Wale and Shatta Mitchy will be the jam of the month. The song is beautiful. lol

See Video here:




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